The Cocktail Caravan

While the classic English pub still exists in London, there are many more options for those seeking a more unique night out. Because of their late closing hours and the unique experiences they provide, lounge bars are no longer limited to hotels or airports.

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London Has Several Classy Lounge Bars

If you're looking for opulence, a chill atmosphere, or world-class cocktails, London's lounge bars are the place to go. As a result, be ready to be blown away as you browse through our definitive guide of the finest lounge bars in the city.

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The Parrot London is a tropical-themed cocktail bar and music venue that caters to customers that appreciate good cuisine, good drinks, and good company.

The venue has a blend of old-world elegance and cutting-edge design elements for today's hedonist.

The small 60-seater space is home to Massimiliano Terrile's cocktail creations, which are inspired by London's tropical residents and the bar's namesake, Parrots. It's been Karl Richardson's job as executive chef to keep the creative juices flowing, and he's done a fantastic job.

  • Pre-theatre activities

  • headlining performance

  • an experience like a jungle trip

Live music from one of our skilled performers

On Aldwych, amid famous theatrical productions like Mama Mia! and Tina Turner, The Parrot is an excellent location for parties of up to 60 people. If you want a night to remember, let our team of event planners put together a gathering that embodies your personality. This will help you celebrate your special occasion in a photogenic setting. The Parrot offers private rental options that allow you to personalize every element of your event, from:

  • your drink selection

  • to the cuisine you serve to your guests

Disrepute, formerly known as 'The Pinstripe Club,' blends the timeless characteristics of 'The Pinstripe Club' and the counterculture of the '60s with the best of London's vibrant cocktail scene today.

Under Kingly Court

Between Carnaby and Beak streets, Disrepute (D.R.P.) is tucked away in a jewel of a basement. It welcomes visitors with genuine warmth and excellent service. With a carefully selected drinks menu that blends traditional concepts with cutting-edge thinking, the bar caters to cocktail connoisseurs while also offering a wide range of spirits and wines for the more discriminating palate.

Surrounded by the soundtrack

As you descend the stairs and enter an intimate dining room with wood-paneled walls and high ceilings, you'll be surrounded by the soundtrack and frivolity of the age that will succeed you. People from all walks of life mixed together in the 1960s, from Hollywood stars and socialites to fashionistas and singers.

Cocktails, afternoon tea, and English Sparkling wine

Everything is available in The Coral Room. The Coral Room is the ideal place to unwind after a long day in Central London, and the ideal place to have an aperitif before eating at Dalloway Terrace, which is just next door.

Leather chesterfields, art deco finishes and custom furniture

Located in the Distillery to create an ambient drinking environment that appeals to both vintage and sophisticated tastes. This bar caters to the refined palates of its patrons by fusing home-made aromatics, infusions, and bitters into a variety of specialty drinks, all created on the site of a former essence factory from the 1800s.